Skylar is an OC made by Lalakun0123.

She is the older sister of Mimi.

Personality Edit

Skylar is a pessimistic and sarcastic teenage girl who doesn't trust society and usually has an unamused look on her face. Despite being an overprotective older sister to Mimi.

Early lifeEdit

Skylar used to be an optimistic girl when she was 5-years-old, she'd always played with her little sister, Mimi, goof around, and to draw funny pictures. But when her best friend, who remains to be anonymous, betrayed her when she was in 4th grade, Skylar turned pessimistic, and always stayed like that ever since.
Little skylar by lalakun0123-dba3oo5

Skylar when she was in Kindergarten.

Facts Edit

  • She's an expert at playing the sousaphone.
  • She has an insane obsession with Chinese food and if anyone would talked negatively about it, she would go apeshit crazy.
  • Other than Oriana, Zachary, and Kagan, Skylar has no friends at school.
  • Skylar is often picked on at school due to her pessimistic attitude.
  • Skylar loves wearing a gas mask.

Gallery Edit

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