Oriana (Full Name: Oriana Uh) is an OC made by Lalakun0123. Also known as Killer Oreo.

She is the leader of the quartet.

Personality Edit

She is an eccentric and naive teenage girl.

She's also prone to being a smartass, asking rhetorical questions, and making dad jokes.

Deaths Edit

Oriana has died a couple times in the following shorts:

  • Ran over by a car. (Why You SHOULD NOT Play Pokemon GO)
  • Died from use of a dead meme. (ENOUGH WITH THE RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS)

Facts Edit

  • She was dropped on the head as a baby.
  • She is the oldest in the quartet, since she was first created in 2015.
  • She can sometimes be seen wearing her cow hoodie.
  • She has an insane Oreo obsession.
  • She is a self-insert of the person who created her, Lalakun0123.
  • She can speak fluent "Carafa" which consists of incoherent mumbling and screaming.
  • Her IQ is -0.
  • She once brutally murdered somebody over some Oreos.

Gallery Edit