Oriana is an OC made by Lalakun0123.

She is the leader of the quartet.

Personality Edit

Oriana is a crazy and energetic teenage girl who likes to goof off and act weird. But she can act pessimistic at times.

Deaths Edit

Oriana has died a couple times in the following shorts:

  • Ran over by a car. (Why You SHOULD NOT Play Pokemon GO)
  • Died from use of a dead meme. (ENOUGH WITH THE RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS)

Facts Edit

  • She was dropped on the head as a baby.
  • She is the oldest in the quartet.
  • She can sometimes be seen wearing her cow hoodie.
  • She has an insane Oreo obsession.
  • She is a self-insert of the person who created her, Lalakun0123.
  • She can speak fluent "Carafa" which consists of incoherent mumbling and screaming.

Gallery Edit