Mimi is an OC made by Lalakun0123.

She is the younger sister of Skylar.

Personality Edit

Mimi's always in a bright mood and very easygoing, but can act spoiled and childish sometimes, especially when asking Skylar to take her places/buy stuff for her.

Early life Edit

When Mimi was around 2-months-old, her parents accidentally locked her outside the balcony. She accidentally fell two-stories from the balcony, and Skylar was very alarmed when she saw Mimi plummet to her death. Skylar immediately ran at the speed of light to save Mimi from dying, and miraculously, she saved her little sister from death, only with Skylar having a few minor injuries. When she started middle school, she was picked on due to her small size. But older sister always had her back. She befriended OrianaKagan, and Zachary, not only to help Mimi guide her around the middle school she attends, but to stand up to her whenever she gets bullied and to have fun.

Facts Edit

  • She has an insane obsession with candy.
  • Whenever someone messes with her, Mimi's older sister, Skylar, will attack that person, showing that her older sister's overprotective and caring.
  • She enjoys annoying her older sister.

Gallery Edit

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